fused quartz, fused Silica, silica glass fused glass quartz glass quartz rod, fused silica fused quartz,quartz wool, quartz tubing

fused quartz, fused silica, quartz tubing, quartz rod, glassblowing, quartz wool, quartz glass


quartz rods, heat resistant glass, silica glass, fused glassware, spectrophotmeter cells



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This is only a selection of the Laboratory Glassware we produce. If your item is not here please contact our sales team to enquire further

Adaptors quartz cone & socket adaptors to fit and adapt your existing labware
Beakers - tall or short form with or without rim/spout
Capillary tubes - diameter, bore & Length made to you request 
Cells & Cuvettes- Quartz Cuvette & borosilicate optical cells for light transmission from red-uv
Combustion Boats
Combustion Tubes
Crucibles - low/medium & high form melting crucibles
Dewars - Silvered & Vacuated , Quartz or Suprasil - made to your specification
Distillation Flask - middle neck with socket joints
Dropping Funnels
Flasks - Boiling/Conical/Flat Bottom from 50ml to 3 litre
Graded Seals - Quartz to Pyrex/Kovar/Stainless Steel
ICP Torches & Accessories
Interchangeable Joints
Microscope Slides
MOVD Reactors
Optical Windows & Quartz Plate
Polished Quartz
Porous Filtering Units
Protoype Glassware
Quartz Tube &  Quartz Rod
Quartz Properties
Reaction Vessels
Screw Threads
Separation Funnels
Sintered Discs
Spray Chambers
Tubing & Rod - Micro tubing up to 300mm diameter
UV Plates & Discs
Wool - Available in 4 - 30 micron diameter. Bag sizes from 10gram - 1kg
White Quartz - Also known as Translucent, Satin or Milky Quartz
Data Sheet

Grinding    OD and ID Machining
   OD Grinding and Polishing
    Centerless Grinding 
    Precision Tube Cutting and Slitting
    Flat Grinding 
    Rod and Tube Grinding
    Rod and Tube Straightening
    Thread Cutting
Polishing     Centerless Polishing

     Surface Polishing

Prototype Design & Manufacture


Fax our office staff your drawings for a no obligation quote 
Repairs Please note. All items sent for repair must be clean & free from contaminants

We do  reserve the right to refuse to handle any contaminated items.

To request further information or a quotation please contact our sales team



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Telephone - 00 44 (0)1473 626585
FAX - 00 44 (0)1473 610421
Postal Address - 30Anson Road, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, IP5 3RG.
Electronic mail -      sales@h-baumbach.co.uk


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