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H.BAUMBACH & CO.LTD. 30 years of Glassblowing Excellence

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Torches Bonnets Spray Chambers Elbows

Agilent ICP MS Quartz TorchQuartz ICP BonnetAgilent ICP MS Quartz Torch 

ICP MS Torches

Our glass blowing speciality is the manufacture and repair of ICP MS Quartz Plasma Torches. 

We guarantee that all our Silica ICP-MS Torches are concentric and built to the highest possible standards

. We supply one-piece and semi-demountable Quartz Torches.

At H.Baumbach & Co we pride ourselves, in the fact, of the consistent quality and positive feedback of results that our torches produce. Made from precision Quartz tubing. It is our guarantee to you that each and every torch has complete concentricity and will give excellent results every time it is used.

Our torches are manufactured to  discourage end chipping and 'melt downs'

We  supply large variety of torches for all applications and for all types of instrumentation Perkin Elmer, Ellan, Varian,  VG Elemental, Fisons, Finnigan Matt. etc

 Demountable Plasma Torch With Jet (Replacement jets are available)

 Most torches can be repaired having suffered outer casing or sidearm damage. 

Please contact our office staff for a quote

Broken ICP Quartz TorchesRepaired ICP MS Quartz Torches


  • Quartz Bonnets help reduce Torch or load coil damage caused by ignition arcs.

  • We can produce a variety of Quartz Spray chambers for your  instrumentation including 

  • Cyclonic

  • Solar 

  • Quartz Elbows: Incorporating  Ground Quartz Ball & Socket joint to British Standard Specifications.

Please note that minor damage to torches and spray chambers can be repaired cost effectively.

To request further information or a quotation please contact our sales team


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