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fused quartz, fused silica, quartz tubing, quartz rod, glassblowing, quartz wool, quartz glass


Quartz Condenserquartz rods, heat resistant glass, silica glass, fused glassware, spectrophotmeter cells

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H.Baumbach & Co Ltd -  Specialists in Quartz Glass

Welcome and thank you for visiting the web site of H.Baumbach & Co Ltd . We hope you have an informative overview of our Fused Quartz & Laboratory Glassware . 

Founded by Master Glass blower, Horst Baumbach in 1977, the company was established to produce exceptional fused Quartz  laboratory glass for the semiconductor and industrial markets. The business has grown from strength to strength, using traditional glass blowing techniques combined with state of the art technology.  H.Baumbach & Co  has forged a reputation of unrivalled quality, service and reliability for over thirty years in the fused Quartz glass blowing sector

The key to our success is the close links we keep with our clients and keeping abreast of the continually changing world of Quartz glass technology. Our greatest asset must surely be the experience & knowledge of our glass blowers who can fabricate your custom glassware into a realistic and working product. Use their knowledge and expertise to help from the design stage through to manufacture of your laboratory glassware. 

In addition to Quartz glass blowing we also hold large stocks of :

Our friendly and experienced staff will gladly help you with any enquiry large or small.


Our Goals

We believe that our high standards could not be achieved without

    Quartz Glass blowers & Quartz tube suppliers    Customer and Quality focus.

    Quartz Glass blowers & Quartz tube suppliers    Teamwork.

    Quartz glass blowers & Quartz tube suppliers    Excellent communication.

    Quartz Glass blowers and Quartz tube suppliers    Company  culture for achieving success.

  It is our commitment to provide specialist products at a competitive price.

"Quality without compromise"





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Telephone - 00 44 (0)1473 626585
FAX - 00 44 (0)1473 610421
Postal Address - 30Anson Road, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, Suffolk, England, IP5 3RG.
Electronic mail -      sales@h-baumbach.co.uk


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